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American Curl

Long haired American Curl Cat

The American Curl Cat is named after its unusal ears that curl backwards and can be any colour or pattern.


Frequent grooming makes the Long haired American Curl a day-to-day choir. If grooming is not kept tidy mats can occur that can cause some discomfort, irritation, soreness and pain.


American curls demand moderate attention and will enjoy being an affectionate lap cat.
From young to an old age American Curls are always playful and full of energy.

American Curls will get along with both children and other pets.

Inside / Outside:

The American Curl prefers access to outside.


The American Curl is generally a quiet cat


Due to the harsh breeding, the American Curl cat is susceptible to ear problems


The American Curl is criticised for being bred with deformities and often not shown in showing councils.

As with most cats, a sudden change in environment can be distressing, the American Curls is curious will investigate any changes to it’s home.


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