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Maine Coon


One of the largest breeds of domestic cats with often heavy / shaggy coat that’s ruffled at the neck with a bushy tail. The Maine Coon cat is an independent cat that is a pure hunter which adores outdoor access. the Maine Coon came from North America where it was named after the American state Maine.

Maine Coon’s have a solid and muscular body which grow slowly from kitten. They don’t usually get to their full size until two the three years after they’re born, where as other cats usually take only a year to develop to their full size.

The Maine Coon cat sometimes makes a chirping noise instead of meowing.


Maine Coons are either long-haired or medium haired. Surprisingly grooming is minimum due to a light undercoat.


The Maine Coon cat have been known to have heart, joint (including  hip displasia) and gum problems.


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